Expert Guide

Deni Sugandi
Enduro rider and touring from west end of Sabang, Sumatera to Merauke, Papua. Active as a photographer and geographer, a licensed national photographer and has published two books Nusa Nipa (2016), and Rona Bumi Indonesia (2017). He currently working as a photo editor on the editorial board of popular geological magazine at Indonesian Geological Agency.

Jerry “Snake” Sigit
Enduro trail racer, enduro rider, road captain and mechanical expert. Has been finished the long touring from the western tip of Indonesia to the east Flores Island for month. Now he is active as instructor riding enduro trail adventure and member of the oldest enduro trail club in Indonesia.

Agus Abah
Enduro rider, mechanical and administrative management. Now active in the Association of Motor Indonesia Regional Board of West Java, as a secretary. He was an expert in logistic supply and managing the trip.