(3D/2N) Riding a two-wheeled enduro tread edge Bromo-Tengger caldera, witness the splendor that appears on sea of volcanic sand. Then along the sea of sand in a full circle inside the caldera, down Mount Bromo. Besides stamina, motortrip even this offers another challenge, offering active volcanoes up close using a two-wheeled adventure trail 4 stroke.

Small group tours
Minimum party 3 riders
(Parties of less than 3 are subject to additional surcharges depending on availability)
Price (call)

Motorcycle hire, services of trained mechanics, accommodation, meals during trip, entrance fee, local bus or train transfer.

The motorcycles: small 100cc easy to handle, 4 stroke with soft pannier.

Support crew: professional guides/mechanics and a support vehicle to carry your luggage, spare parts and a spare motorcycle;

Distance: 120 km;

Terrain: All on road, but road conditions vary from smooth tarmac, to steep rocky tracks;

Medical support: a local doctor / western medic. A substantial medical kit is carried by road captain.

Day1: Start early for short briefing on safety and on road regulation. Short on road riding then single off-road beaten track. Arrived at the hills 29 and having short break. Descended to Madakaripura water fall for short relaxing. Continued to see the sunset on the caldera. bromo-tengger. Stay in ngadisari hotel.

Day2: Start early morning for sunrise at Pananjakan hill. After breakfast, descend down circling the sea of volcanic sand. Visiting traditional farming, and sunset at Pananjakan. Overnight at Tosari.

Day3: Sunrise at Tosari hills, then heading back to Surabaya.

Reservation, mobile phone: +6281322393930

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