Brand geotrip.asia present since 2014. Started from the service adventure travel assistance, is now developing special interest tourism for nature lovers experienced and visit the geology features that forming the face of the earth until today . Activities that can be followed as motorcyle touring enduro, nature photography, treking and other adventure activity. Some travel packages are designed in such a way, offering experience, fun, and adventure.

Package motortrip aimed at those who have the ability riding wheel two adventure, skill and passion for adventure. Using four stroke 100cc to make the adventure more fun when faced with obstacles, and open to anyone who is not too skilled to drive two wheels. The challenge is the endurance of the driver, must be able to riding on the rocky road, beaten track to muddy road.

Another package is photography that is directly related to the beauty and natural processes that are still ongoing on earth. This photography package is accompanied by direct technical training in field by expert licences photographer, guided and assistance.

We also accept the proposed costume journey adventure or touring desired by anyone, who loves the new adventure and experience. Managed with an “adventure trip assistance” accompanied by licensed guides, experienced in his/her experienced and has integrity and good attitude